Petlog users asked to create new accounts amidst concern over missing data

Petlog users asked to create new accounts amidst concern over missing data

Petlog, the UK’s largest database for microchipped pets, is calling for pet owners to “create a new online self-serve account”, as concern grows over pet owners’ inability to access their pets’ data.

“Petlog’s online services and website have been upgraded to ensure the database is dynamic and secure,” a statement says. “We would like to reassure you that our 24/7 reunification service is running as usual and all customer’s pet details have been safely migrated and are securely registered on our Petlog database, to help us to reunite lost pets.

“In order to best protect your data and improve the service we provide, we are asking Petlog users to create a new online self-serve account, or Petlog customers who have never previously set up an online account, will need to create one.”

There are reports of data protection breeches, with users gaining access to other people and pets’ details while attempting to log in, being unable to re-register their pets’ chips, or finding that their missing or stolen pets are no longer flagged as such.


User Claire Louise said, “Nikki from Epsom Canine rescue has lost her account and all the dogs details. It appears they have been no help at all at PetLog – what a disgrace, especially at this time with all the dog thefts, no proper regulation and the added stress people are under due to the virus.”

Another reason for concern is that many owners received no communication concerning the situation or the need to re-register, and only found out on social media.

“I had zero communication from them and only heard about the issues on Instagram by accident,” user Dawn Hart said. “I tried logging in and my account wasn’t recognised, so I had to reregister it, but when it did came up it only has one dog on it. I put my other dogs chip number in and was told he’s registered with a different company, which he isn’t as I have the print-out from Petlog when I registered him, but I double checked with the company they said he was with and he’s not on there either.”

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Dawn added, “I’ve now registered both my dogs with the Defra Chip Central website, which was very straightforward. At least if I unfortunately lost the dog Petlog seems to think doesn’t exist, I know his chip is registered now.”

Despite the confusion and concerns, Petlog has stated that the data of pets registered with them has been backed up and is not lost.

“We understand this might be concerning, but we can give our reassurance that all pets are still safely on our microchip database and in the event of a pet going missing, reunification won’t be affected,” the official statement says. “Please be reassured that all our existing services continue to run as normal, including our 24/7 UK lost and found line.

“If you are having any problems with your online account and you need to report your pet as lost, you can do this by calling the reunification line on 01296 737600.”

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