Pedro’s journey: teamwork gets long-stay rescue to new home during lockdown

Pedro’s journey: teamwork gets long-stay rescue to new home during lockdown

Pedro, a senior Great Dane cross, had been waiting for a new home at the RSPCA Southport, Ormskirk & District branch for 200 days – but no adopters showed interest in him. Finally, his perfect new home was found… only it would require a 270 miles journey!

RSPCA Inspector Pamela Bird said, “Pedro had been waiting so long for the right home but potential adopters were struggling to look past his twilight years and his sheer size! He’d been becoming more sad and lonely as time went on and everyone was desperate to find him a forever home.

“So when this couple got in touch and were the perfect match for him we knew we had to make it work; we didn’t know when he’d get another home that would be such a good fit for him.”

She added, “Lockdown rules meant our staff and volunteers were restricted to delivering pets to new homes in the local area only – so we knew we’d have to come up with a complex plan to get Pedro to Weymouth.

“Thankfully, we managed to pull together five parties – including inspectors, another animal centre, and a volunteer driver – who were willing to work together and get Pedro home! We set up a relay and all had our own leg to run!”

Pamela got Pedro through the first leg of the journey on 20 January, driving him 100 miles to the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre. The next morning, regional volunteer driver Mark took Pedro through the next leg of the journey – to Bristol, 80 miles away.

Local animal rescue officer, Dan Hatfield, met the pair there and took Pedro on the final leg of his journey – all the way to his new owners in Weymouth!

New owner Peter Kerr said, “Pedro is getting on really well; he’s full of life and, after only a couple of days, it seems like he’s been with us forever!

“He’s a great big softie and has lots of love to give. He is very gentle. He loves his food and he loves playing in the garden.”

Alessandra Pacelli

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