Pawfessionals: meet the pets working from home

Pawfessionals: meet the pets working from home

As the nation went into lockdown millions of Brits began working from home, often with a helping paw from their pets. Cleaning brand Zoflora encouraged UK pet owners to upload images of their pets hard at work using the hashtag #pawfessionals on Instagram, and are sharing their absolute favourite submissions...


Speaking for Barney Bear, owner Sophie says, "We live in a small community and I'm known as the 'Teddy Bear Dog' and I'm all about giving cuddles and licks to anyone that shows me attention!

"When I was a small floofer my Mumma met a lady on one of my walks who told her that her daughter was obsessed with me, apparently she always use to talk to her Mumma about the 'Teddy Bear Dog' So on her birthday (a few weeks later) Mumma took me round so I could give her lots of floofy cuddles, it was pawsome!"


Owner Rhea says, "We had to pick Jasper up four days early due to the lockdown. Both of us are teachers and I've been sending photos of him to the pupils of the school by email to lift their spirits in between working from home."


Owner Margie says, "We adopted Bella in July 2017. She was an ex puppy farm dog and had been caged for breeding after breeding. She'd never experienced human love or family life. The first time we tried to walk her she didn't understand and just sat there not moving and trembling. After a few months Bella soon settled into our forever home.

"She has the run of the house (even our bed). She's spoilt with love and affection and goes everywhere with us including holidays. Almost three years on she is such a happy settled dog. She's still unsure about strangers and scared of loud bangs etc which is to be expected but considering her start in life she is doing amazing. You'll see from her posts, she loves to pose and is such a good girl. We can't imagine our family life before her."

Owner Hannah says, "He’s been volunteering as a therapy dog with Pets as Therapy for a year and a half. We visit a local nursing home every few weeks and has made many friends, his visits are often the highlight of the week.

"He has made a very special bond with one man in particular - he refuses to speak to anyone, including the nursing staff and even his family, but when Noodles visits he suddenly lights up! He smiles, laughs and calls out to Noodles - you really have to see it to believe it, it’s honestly a miracle. The whole experience reduced his wife to tears (and me!).

"Now every time we visit we are greeted with a big smile and always a bag of treats for Noodles. It really is magic."


Owner George says, "Enzo used to be a super-grumpy dog but ever since we've been working from home he's been so affectionate and he started behaving so much better! We can't believe he's the same dog. He also really likes watching the Tiger King and having a 5pm beer after work!"

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Alessandra Pacelli

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