One in three parents say dogs help strengthen family bonds

One in three parents say dogs help strengthen family bonds

Dogs are a much-loved feature of family life for many in the UK. But today, new research quantifies just how much our furry friends are boosting parents’ wellbeing and enriching the lives of families.

 A new survey of 2,000 parents by MORE THAN insurance reveals the majority of those with dogs say their pup has positively impacted family life. Families revealed that their dog makes them more active (61%), gives them a routine (53%), and even increases the amount of time spent together (46%). Of those surveyed, parents with a dog are more likely to say that their family life is ‘very happy’ (36%) than those without one (23%).

As well as the fundamentals of supporting mental and physical health, 72% of parents say their dog has brought their family closer together. A similar proportion (73%) also feel their dog has decreased their feelings of stress and anxiety. Moreover, 84% believe their dog provides their family with emotional reassurance during hard times, contributing directly to their family wellbeing.

Ed Bracher, CEO at Dogs for Good, said,We see daily how dogs can have a transformative impact on a family’s level of happiness. This new research underlines the power that canine companionship has in making life possible for countless families. Research shows dogs boost wellbeing and foster togetherness, with 75% of parents with disabled children stating their dog brings their family closer.

 “Our Family Dog service provides guidance and ongoing support to parents of autistic children. It helps them make the most appropriate breed choice for their family and how to guide and nurture a dog.  It also ensures families know how to meet the needs of their dog and build positive connections that bring benefits to the whole family.  

"We regularly hear from families that the positive impacts include lowering parental stress, fostering quality time, and directly contributing to children's development, boosting their confidence and communication skills."

Alessandra Pacelli

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