Valentines Day

Make Your Dog Your Valentines This Year ❤️

You thought Valentine’s day was a human thing? Here at PurrfectlyYappy we know not everyone has a special someone to spend valentines day with however why not spend Valentines day with your pooch this year? If you are, consider yourself one lucky person! A dog’s love is loyal & unconditional & since our pooches spoil us daily with their love & affection, its certainly the right time to surprise them.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and who’s more deserving than our favourite pooches? Through thick and thin, they bring us smiles, warm-fuzzies, and joy in so many ways. This is why we believe our pets deserve our full attention to their safety and security during this holiday season (and all year long!).

We had a think & thought why not make a selection of products that are prefect for the occasion!

The first brand that we'd like to showcase is one of our newer brands Pawshtails. All of their products are sourced in the UK/EU & are made with high quality, safety & style in mind.


The first products we'd like to showcase is the Vogue Lead in pink & the Trogan Lead in red.

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The Vogue Lead in pink perfect for those sassy dogs that love to look great on those everyday walks. The rope that is used is one of the best climbing ropes out there, the material is sourced from a specialist manufacturer in France & is tested by the UIAA which is the international climbing & mountaineering federation so they can guarantee it is made with high quality in mind.

The second product from Pawshtails we'd like to talk about is the Trogan Lead in red. This lead's colour just suits the occasion perfectly as Valentines day is all about red! It is prefect for those small, medium & large dogs & repels moisture form the inside out making it perfect for all weathers!

This year Pawshtails are offering 15% off when you buy any card & lead! Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Valentines Treats

No dog is going to say no to delicious Valentine’s treats,  treats are the perfect way to spoil your pet with something special. If you don’t have time to bake, you can order some of our top picks for this year..

This dog friendly lolly called I Woof U Lolly by The Barking Bakery is a yummy Valentines treat for your pooch to enjoy on that special day.

Next up we have some little Heart Shaped Chocolates & Heart Shaped Biscuits. These are great for romantic picnics, 'pawties' or just to spoil your cheeky & loved pups. The biscuits are made with vanilla, carob & pink frosting that will make your pooch lick their lips waiting for it..

Lastly in the treats segment is the exquisitely designed pink themed cake called the I Woof U Heart Shaped Pawty Cake. This brand new product comprises of pink topping and crunchy bone shaped biscuits around the side with a candle and ribbon to top for that extra special pawsome touch. Packaged in an eye catching lip-smacking branded box and sealed for freshness.

Red Dingo

If you have a sassy pooch, have they got a stylish pet tag to match? These two tags by Red Dingo are tags in Purple & Hot Pink. These are the perfect tags that suit the valentines occasion!

Creature Clothes

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Creature clothing have got some great valentines themed products. The one is a handmade fleece pet blanket in chocolate brown with a red heart appliqué detail. The small blanket fits perfectly over Creature Clothes' medium and large Dog Doza beds for dogs that like to nestle before going to sleep.

Bowl & Bone

We have selected two stylish and vibrant harnesses that compliment the valentines season perfectly. They are created from the highest quality materials with meticulous care to every detail. 

The secret to the comfort of wearing them lies in the cut – they are excellently fitted to the dog’s body, ensuring full comfort out in the open.

The outer part of the Bowl&Bone Republic SOHO harnesses is trimmed with a soft material in your favourite colour, and its inner part features a mesh. Thanks to this they are not only pleasant to the touch, but most of all light and airy.Your pup in the CANDY harness will turn heads and make other dogs from the neighbourhood jealous!

This year Bowl & Bone are going to be offering 10% off the whole range between Feb 12th & Feb 14th so make sure you don't miss out!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💝

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