Lucky greyhound finds home with Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts

Lucky greyhound finds home with Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts

Rescued from the greyhound racing industry by Forever Hounds Trust, five-year-old Suzie just had a second stroke of luck: she has been adopted by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley, a Patron and long-time supporter of Forever Hounds Trust.

Jan Lake, Chair of Trustees for Forever Hounds Trust, said, “It’s a really difficult time for everyone at the moment, and that includes animal rescue charities as well. There are still so many dogs that need our help but due to the extra precautions we have to take due to the coronavirus pandemic rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming a dog is a much lengthier process than it has been previously.

“We are still able to home dogs, but we can only do it in certain circumstances. Luckily Shirley and Charlie are well-known to the charity and we were able to find the right dog for their family.”

As well as appealing for home offers for their hounds, Forever Hounds Trust is also appealing for donations to help them continue their work, as Covid-19 had a significant impact on charities’ the ability to fundraise.

Jan adds, “It’s so important that we keep working to rescue dogs throughout this period as there is no let-up in the number needing our help and as soon as we find a home for one there is another needing the space in our kennels and foster homes.”

Image courtesy of Forever Hounds Trust

Alessandra Pacelli

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