Keeping pets calm during a thunderstorm

Keeping pets calm during a thunderstorm

During summer months, warm weather can often lead to thunderstorms. For some pets this can be stressful, as they do not like the loud claps of thunder. Storm anxiety amongst pets is a common problem, especially dogs who don’t like loud or sudden noises, like thunder.

 Emma Purnell, RVN from Nutravet, explains, "For many pet owners it can be hard to see your pet stressed and anxious. Thunderstorms are a common reason for dogs or cats to become stressed and signs of this include trembling, shaking, hiding, becoming more vocal and sometimes even aggressive.

 Preparing in advance is a great way to help reduce any stress during the storm. Speak to your vet as they are best placed to understand your pet’s health needs and can recommend any further support that may be needed.”

To help keep pets calm during a thunderstorm, Nutravet have shared some top tips...

Stay calm yourself

It’s important to stay calm yourself during the thunder and lightning as pets can pick up on your stress and this could cause further anxiety for them. Try to ignore the thunderclaps as much as you can and do not react.

Close windows and curtains

Block out the noise by closing windows and curtains in your home, this can help to reduce the impact block out any flashes of light.

Provide a den

Some pets may want to take themselves off during times of stress. Create a den or safe space for your pet to retreat to if they get anxious. Make sure it’s not too far away and keep checking on them during the bad weather to make sure they are ok.


To help keep your pet calm during a thunderstorm you could distract them with their favourite toys or treats. Try some fun games that will keep your pet occupied during the storm, using positive rewards.

Use background noise

Turn up the TV or radio to help create background noise and drown out the sound of the thunder. You could play some calming music that can help reduce any stress for your pet.

Keep pets indoors

If you know there are going to be a thunderstorm that day, keep your pet indoors and try to walk your dog before the thunderstorm is expected.

Prepare in advance

If you know your pet doesn’t particularly like thunderstorms, keep an eye on the weather so you know if one is imminent. We understand the UK’s weather is not the most reliable, but preparing in advance could help prevent any stress during the thunderstorm.

Natural support

Many vets recommend natural calmers like, Nutracalm, which is a fast-acting natural supplement that helps reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. It’s fast acting nature (on average see 1-2 hours) makes it the perfect natural support for stressful events such as thunderstorms.

Alessandra Pacelli

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