Pup Disaster

How To Prevent A Paw-tential Pup Disaster!

So the stork has arrived and you're bringing home the baby!

Everybody thinks the new furry bundle of joy is beautiful, because it is, so cute, so adorable, so true, BUT it's not always plain sailing. Some tips to help you be prepared.

Every experienced parent notices the dark rings under the eyes of new parents, particularly around a baby's teething time. Fortunately, your new puppy's teething won't be keeping you up at night but teething can be the cause of some nightmare experiences that are best avoided. Those tiny needle like puppy teeth can wreak havoc. Kick boards around the central island in the new kitchen are at a great chew-height, especially those corners. Those tiny teeth will also make short work of any Jimmy Choo that you leave within reach! Make sure you have some interesting chewable toys to help such as the Kong Teething Stick and the Kong Binkie. These toys are great for any household expecting a new puppy. No matter how good your new boy or girl is, there are bound to be some accidents. Obviously, the aim is to have your pup learn to let you know when it's time to go outside. Until then, you can help the training with Beaphar Puppy Training Pads and Flowstrip Piddle Pads.

Congratulations on your new arrival. The equivalent of teen years will soon be upon you. Don't worry, we'll be here to help. 

Peter Chamberlain

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