How Natural is Paw Naturel?

How Natural is Paw Naturel?

Paw Naturel is all about providing quality, high-end and honest pet products that enhance health and wellbeing of a dog's skin and coat, while also ensuring human skin-health is taken into account.

Angela, the owner and founder of Paw Naturel, has suffered with eczema all her life. After being a dog groomer for over 10 years, she realised it was hard to find products that were natural enough to not harm her skin or her dogs.

This inspired her to bring out an allergen free shampoo that is as natural as possible. Paw Naturel Shampoo is super kind on dog and human skin, reduces allergic reactions and encourages skin cell repair.

Each ingredient is hand-picked for comfort and for the job in hand, cleaning and moisturising and encouraging skin cell regeneration, and hair growth with a paw shaking natural feel.

All Paw Naturel Products are free-from SLS and SLES, parabens and alcohol, and shampoos are vegan friendly too!

Paw Naturel Sugar Candy Natural Dog Shampoo

Paw Naturel Sugar Candy Shampoo will leave dogs' coats matt free, fresh and easy to manage. Dogs love the sweet smell of sugar candy, and you will love the smell of your dogs after pampering them in Paw Naturel's Sugar Candy Natural Shampoo. It’s completely vegan-friendly, and free from just about every bad thing you can imagine. Gentle shampoo is essential when you’re washing pooches, as causing them irritation, or causing yourself irritation is simply not worth it. This shampoo is just £12.99 for a 200ml bottle; however it goes up to a five litre size!

Paw Naturel Heart Rub & Scrub Dog Cleansing Bar

Paw Naturel's award-winning Rub & Scrub Heart Cleansing Bar has been created from a special recipe that is packed with natural raw healthy ingredients along with natural sugar which is so good for skin care. As these soaps are so fresh, they mature over time (a bit like cheese!) This means they will last even longer.

Paw Naturel Glad Dog SlickerBrush

This is no ordinary slicker brush! This slicker brush has double the number of pins as the standard slicker brush for extra precision, and they are really hard wearing. The pins won’t snap or bend at the sight of a single knot, which is really helpful when it comes to lasting a long time.

Paw Naturel Full of Fish Emergency Dog Treats

Handy dog treats for those little emergencies complete with a pocket-sized reusable tin. These tasty fish treats are made using a mouth-watering 80% freshly prepared fish, all-natural ingredients with no artificial additives and with Omega 3 and Omega 6 for a healthy coat and skin. They are kind to your dog’s digestive system and naturally delicious. They have no additives and are made in the UK too!

Paw Naturel Dog Paw & Nose Balm

A luxurious naturally moisturising product, full of goodness. Formulated specifically unscented, and perfect for the most sensitive nosed dog. It’s ideal for healing cracked noses and paws, and exceptional for giving extra grip on slippery floors! Providing brilliant protection from the elements is something this balm does amazingly – and you can even use it as lip balm for yourself!

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