H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle

H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle

Sometimes you just have to take the rough with the smooth and review things that, on the surface, seem a little bit boring. However, look past the general mundanity of what you know as a water bowl and look at this, the H2O4K9 Dog Water Bowl. It looks like something from Star Trek…

These H2O4K9 stainless steel water bottles are specifically designed so your dog can drink both easily and naturally whenever you’re on the move. Perfect for many situations, whether it’s in the park or for walks, hikes, bike rides, camping, the beach, vacations, search and rescue, dog shows or for use in your car, these water bowls are both versatile and sturdy in the sense that they manage to take a battering and still look appealing.

The standard 25oz. bottle fits cup holders, bike cages and backpacks, so it can be taken anywhere with relative ease. Their approach to designing bottles for dogs is much like the process involved in making them fit for human use too; containing high quality materials the bottle is an 18/8 food grade, uses a toxin free polypropylene lid and an environmentally friendly paint finish.

Immensely helpful in eliminating the search for water on those long beach or forested walks, not to mention alleviating the need for disposable plastic water bottles. Lastly, and most significantly, it means no more doggy drinking from your hands!

Features & Benefits:

Product is 100% recyclable and sustainable.

Contains no BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.

Price: £12.99

George Welsby

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