Goodwoof celebrates National Labrador Day

Goodwoof celebrates National Labrador Day

Today, January 8, is a special day for canine enthusiasts as it marks National Labrador Day. At Goodwoof, an exciting celebration is underway, honouring one of the most cherished breeds in the country. The Duke of Richmond joined the festivity, posing with a delightful quartet of Labradors – Bonnie, Badger, Autumn, and Rufus – at The Kennels. Meanwhile, Bob and Dylan, two other Labradors, explored the innovative Foster + Partners’ Dome-Home and Barc Barkitecture kennel competition entries from previous years.

Goodwoof, an annual event, dedicates a weekend to celebrate a specific breed, and this year, it’s all about the Labradors. These beloved dogs hold a special place at the Estate, with The Duke of Richmond’s grandfather being a proud owner of a black Labrador named Bruce. Known for their affectionate and versatile nature, Labradors effortlessly transition from home to field, embodying a friendly and active demeanour. Renowned for their roles as guide dogs, service dogs, and loyal companions, Labradors will take the spotlight throughout the Goodwoof event, showcasing their incredible versatility.

For the very first time at Goodwoof, the celebratory parade will grace both Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19. Led by The Duke of Richmond, hundreds of Labradors will gather in front of Goodwood House, marching down to the event site, culminating their parade in front of The Kennels. Visitors and their Labrador pals can secure a spot in the Labrador Parade using the code LABRADOR50 for an exclusive 50% discount on admission tickets.

Goodwoof promises an eventful day packed with activities included in the ticket price. From the exhilarating Fastest Dog competition presented by DHL to the relaxation of Dog Yoga in The Studio presented by Randox Health, there’s something for every canine companion. Young Persons tickets are discounted for those aged 13-21, while children under 12 and dogs can join in for free.

Alessandra Pacelli

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