General the Pyrenees Escape Artist

General the Pyrenees Escape Artist

A Great Pyrenees by the name of 'General' has managed to master the art of opening doors and escape his way out of an animal hospital to freedom. ABC News associate WJLA reported the incident on Monday after the 10-year-old pooch managed to liberate himself from Virginia’s Aqua-Garrisonville Animal Hospital. Using his snout and mouth to invent an effective door-opening technique, security footage showed General escape his pen into the vet’s office. From there he moved into the hospital hallway, manoeuvring himself past a mountain of dog food before opening what appears to be a heavy metal back exit, into the dark wilderness beyond.

The hospital then alerted local police on Monday night, once they realised he’d escaped. Thankfully he was found in the nearby front yard of the vet’s neighbours on Tuesday morning – asleep of course. With the assistance of an animal control officer they returned General to his cell. His owner, Travis Campbell was out of town seeing family when his dog disappeared, he told WJLA that this isn’t the first time he’s managed to escape saying, “He’s a little Houdini…when it comes to doors, he can get a lot of doors open.”

Video courtesy of ABC News WJLA.

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George Welsby

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