Feeling the chill? See our top cold weather tips for pet owners!

Feeling the chill? See our top cold weather tips for pet owners!

Just as we thought we could start looking forward spring, there’s an arctic blast! While some people have the luxury of curling up in the warm with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket, dog owners know it will mean bracing the cold with your dog, trying not to slip on icy paths!

Here are our top tips for pet owners for snowy walks in wintry weather.

  • Pick the best lead.
    Try to walk your dog when it’s light – icy roads are a hazard for drivers, and if your walk involves being anywhere near traffic, make sure you keep your dog on a secure, short lead (nothing extendable) and that you’re both clearly visible. Boost your visibility with brightly coloured collars and leads with reflective trims. For a lead, we love the Ruffwear Slackline for its thick reflective trim, bright colour options and complete customisation on whether you hold or wear the lead, and the lead’s length.

Ruffwear slackline lead

See the lead in action here:


  • Stay safe, be seen.
    If you haven’t invested in a light for night time walks or low visibility, they are worth considering. You can enhance the visibility of your dog on their walk by attaching lights such as the Ruffwear Beacon to their collar, lead, or coat.
Ruffwear beacon light

Ruffwear beacon light lifestyle

  • Cover up with a coat.
    If your dog has a thin coat, is getting a little older or if they suffer from stiff joints – you might want to look at a coat to keep your dog warm on their walks. There are some great options available on PurrfectlyYappy.com, but for practical cold-weather coats we love Rukka and Ruffwear. The Subrima fleece jacket from Rukka has extra coverage for your dog’s legs, and is made with a quick-drying fabric to ensure that if you do get caught in a flurry of snow, your dog won’t feel the chill quite so much! The high-neck design will also keep them nice and toasty.

Rukka subrima jacked in pink

Rukka Subrima dog coat dog jacket

  • Don’t forget your booties!
    It’s not just the snow and ice that can build up on your dog’s paws, it’s also the salt used to treat paths and roads. While the take some getting used to, dog boots can save delicate paws in tough conditions. Take a look at the selection on offer from Ruffwear at PurrfectlyYappy.
    If you’re not keen on the idea of dog boots, make sure to trim any excess hair around your dog’s paws which will pick up snow and ice, and wash and dry your dogs paws after your walk.

    These Polar Trex boots have been designed for snow, so are a great option in this weather!

    Polar trex ruffwear boots

Lifestyle dog wearing Ruffwear polar trex boots 

  • Dry off quickly!
    When you return from your walk, towel-dry off any excess water from your dog and enjoy a nice time away from the cold and snow! Why not put your dog’s towel on the radiator before you leave, so it’s nice and warm when you get back? For an extra warming step, you can even use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to help dry your dog up a bit faster (make sure to keep moving the hairdryer to prevent getting any hot spots)




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