Experts reveal it costs a whopping £600 a month on average to raise a Crufts dog

Experts reveal it costs a whopping £600 a month on average to raise a Crufts dog

How much does it really cost to raise a Crufts-worthy dog? One of Europe’s leading price comparison sites has teamed up with Debbi Palmer, owner of two old English sheep dogs who are experts in the show space, to reveal the true costs of putting a dog in show.

And, with Debbi highlighting the costs that can’t be curbed and the ones that can, experts at idealo have offered some extra money-saving tips for anyone looking to get their dog show- ready for Crufts next year, or just pamper their pooches at home for less.

Katy Phillps, senior brand and communications manager at idealo comments: “After speaking with Debbi it was clear that some costs are fixed when it comes to dog showing but there are certainly some areas where per parents can be savvier when spending.”

1. Dog friendly accommodation - £400

It’s not just the star of the show that requires a good night’s rest when competing in these high-profile championships. Pet parents who have travelled from across the world must find dog friendly accommodation to put them up for the course of the competition and this often comes at a high price.

According to Debbi “The cost of accommodation is one part of dog shows that often gets under looked. When looking for places to stay near the NEC while my dogs are competing, I’ve found that prices for hotels close by creep up around the time of the event, and you could end up paying on average £300-£400.”

2. Entry costs - £35

Once you and your dog have worked your way up to championships standards, you’ll be expected to pay anywhere between £30 - £35 for entry according to Debbi and around £8 for open shows. If you’re looking to enter your dog into Crufts this year it’s not as simple as buying a ticket, your well-groomed dog must be invited by The Kennel Club and an entry fee of £35 per dog is expected.

3. Grooming - £10 per month

A big part of prepping your pooch for show day is making sure their fur coat is perfectly groomed and although Debbi reveals she takes on the job of grooming herself to save on costs, “The cost of grooming products varies but I spend on average £10 a month restocking sprays, shampoo’s, conditioners and brushes.” This is expected to be a lot more if you go to a professional dog groomer.

Katy comments “Anyone looking to take on dog grooming themselves will most likely be hit with high prices for premium dog show products but I would always recommend using price history trackers to compare on dog grooming products such as grooming bushes, paw protection sprays and shampoo to get the best deal possible.”

4. Training - £60 per month

One of the main aspects of dog shows is ensuring that your dog is well behaved and to do this they must go through strict ringcraft training and from the sounds of it, it doesn’t involve fun puppy play time.

Debbi shares “On average ringcraft classes cost about £15 per week and this involves many hours of practice and dedication to build the necessary skills needed to do well in a competition.” It could take several months for your dog to be fully trained so for £60 a month this is another big expense.

5. Food - £70

The cost of dog food can vary with some pet parents opting to spoil their dogs with premium quality food which could cost around £70 a month not including the treat every now and then. This is a hefty price on top of everything else.

Debbi comments “I like to use food tubes for training my dogs but sometimes the only positive reinforcement they need is a bit of chicken from Aldi or a cocktail sausage which can be relatively inexpensive.”

Katy comments, “There are definitely ways to be savvier when it comes to topping up the dog food. I would always suggest doing some research to work out if buying in larger quantities will work out cheaper in the long run. You may pay a larger sum upfront, but these larger batches of food could last longer. Again, using price comparison tools to check when and where you can purchase your desired brand or product is key to keeping costs low.”

Alessandra Pacelli

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