Dogs Trust Worldwide to support Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand

Dogs Trust Worldwide to support Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand

Dogs Trust Worldwide has confirmed its support for Thailand-based Soi Dog Foundation this year, by funding half of the costs of their campaign to neuter 80 per cent of street dogs in Greater Bangkok.

Soi Dog, a charity co-founded by the late Gill Dalley, has been working since 2003 to rescue the stray dogs of Thailand. Soi Dog have recently neutered their half-a-millionth animal since. In Bangkok alone, 250,000 animals have been neutered since the programme started in 2016.

Gill Dalley

Karen Reed from Dogs Trust Worldwide said, “Dogs Trust Worldwide set up in 2016 so we could continue the great work of Dogs Trust UK overseas. A big part of what we do is our International Grants Programme, through which we provide a range of funding to help better support dog welfare across the world.

“Soi Dog is a fantastically-run charity doing amazing work, and we are extremely happy to continue to partner with them, as they continue their aim to neuter 80% of street dogs in Greater Bangkok. Our support for their work actually goes back to 2012; what they have accomplished so far is an astonishing achievement and has dramatically changed the lives of street dogs for the better in the country.”

Dogs Trust Worldwide has supported Soi Dog’s work in Bangkok through its International Grants Programme since 2016 and has just approved the latest round.

Applications are now open for other charitable organisations to similarly apply for a grant from Dogs Trust Worldwide.

Dogs Trust Worldwide will support “well-governed work taking place outside of the UK and Ireland, and well-planned projects that have the potential to make a strong impact”, contributing towards “encouraging responsible dog ownership or humane management of dog populations”.

The deadline for the submission of applications for the next round of international grants is Monday 10 May, 2021.

Alessandra Pacelli

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