Dog vs Bear

Dog vs Bear

In an astonishing show of bravery, a fearless dog has managed to scare off a much bigger black bear from his owner’s patio in Bradbury, California. A news helicopter was able to capture the footage of the dog chasing away the bear after the large mammal had wandered onto private property and took a dip in a backyard pool. The bear then engages in a standoff with the courageous canine before chasing the bear away and into the forest beyond. Talk about a fearless dog!

The incident took place on Tuesday in a home within the community suburb of Bradbury, which lies a few miles northeast of Los Angeles, according to KTLA. Initially, the dog - known as Ba Bao - retreated to his patio as the menacing bear approached. However, after the bear enjoyed a quick dip in the backyard swimming pool and a quick bite to eat from the avocado trees opposite, Ba Bao was then seen darting out of his home to confront it!

After a brief standoff, the dog then sprinted after the frightened bear who, despite the head start, was eventually chased down by the much quicker canine who was able to close the gap. Eventually, the bear retreated into the local playground located close to the property.

According to KTLA, Ba Bao was adopted from Palmdale Animal Control Centre only a month ago, so it’s very likely that this was his first ever encounter with a bear. Ba Bao’s owner, Eddie Hsu told KTLA, “It’s very frightening of course. We didn’t expect this confrontation. I have small children, they play in the backyard every day in the afternoon!”

Video courtesy of KTLA.


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