Dog Names On-Demand

Dog Names On-Demand

As on-demand TV continues to invade living rooms across the UK, the programmes with which we are all enthralled by are having a permanent effect on our pet’s lives. The biggest film and TV hits have done so much to needle their way into our hearts that - according to a survey conducted by MoneySuperMarket - we are even starting to name our pooches after our favourite characters!

The research was collated from over 9,000 pet insurance quotes on the site from early 2017 and revealed an increase in this year’s blockbuster-inspired dog names with Narcos protagonist ‘Pablo’ (Escobar) causing a 388% increase in owners naming their pups after the drug kingpin.

The price comparison website also saw a 43% increase in the name Mia – after Damien Chazelle’s Oscar nominated film La La Land which (almost) swept the boards during this years ‘red carpet’ season. Despite being unreleased, Thor: Ragnarok has also instigated an upsurge of 94% of people who have registered their pups under the same name as the Marvel character. 

Andrew Eaton’s The Crown has also caused a spike in popularity with the name Winston after John Lithgow’s fantastic portrayal of the former Prime Minister.

Rose Howarth, Head of Pet Insurance at MoneySuperMarket said, “It’s great to see people having fun with naming their pets, but it’s vital that the cost of looking after them is taken seriously. Unexpected vet bills can run into the thousands, but you can enjoy peace of mind for as little as £30 a year by taking out pet insurance cover.”

TV/Film-Inspired Dog Names (year-on-year rise based on January 2016-2017):

  1. Pablo, Narcos (388% +)
  2. Arlo, The Good Dinosaur (221% +)
  3. Winston, The Crown (122% +)
  4. Thor, Thor: Ragnarok (94+)
  5. Mia, La La Land (43%+)

For more information regarding the importance of pet insurance click here to see more. 

Images courtesy of Netflix, Telegraph Online & IndieWire

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