Dog groomer ‘inundated’ with haircut requests – for humans

Dog groomer ‘inundated’ with haircut requests – for humans

As hairdressers reopened, the struggle with lockdown locks came to an end as thousands across the country rush to book appointments with any hair salon available – human or otherwise, as dog groomer Corey Lockwood has fund out.

Lockwood, who works at Jollyes in Wakefield as a dog groomer, was “inundated” with requests to cut the hair of his usual clients’ owners, as people struggle to get a post-lockdown salon appointment. 

“Since lockdown ended, most customers who’ve visited him and his teams in Jollyes’ Yorkshire spas have asked whether they could carry out a sneak short back and sides at the same time their pooch gets a makeover,” a Jolleys statement reads.

Lockwood said, “The phone’s been ringing off the hook since lockdown ended.  We’re back-to-back with dog grooming appointments but it’s clear their owners are struggling to get their own hair chopped. To be honest, every owner who comes in is asking for their own haircut!

“Some owners have tried to get scissor-happy themselves during lockdown but secretly they know there’s no substitute for a professional.”

Their own hair, however, is not the only thing they need a helping hand with.   

“We can see that loads of people have got a dog for the first time during lockdown which means we’re now offering advice to new dog owners as to how to really maintain healthy grooming habits.”

Image by Jolleys

Alessandra Pacelli

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