Dog Behaviourist Reveals the Nation’s Paw-fect Office Dogs

Dog Behaviourist Reveals the Nation’s Paw-fect Office Dogs

Who doesn’t love when a colleague brings their dog to the office? Lunchtime walks and cuddles between calls can work wonders for morale. However, all breeds have unique needs and temperaments, making some better suited to office life than others.

To help you decide if your furry friend is a good fit for the workplace, Adem Fehmi, canine behaviourist for dog food brand Barking Heads, has rounded up some of the best breeds for the office...


While Vizslas are large and energetic, they are also friendly, affectionate, and quiet—an ideal combination for an office environment. They’ll quickly become a hit with your colleagues.

Great Dane

Despite their enormous size (up to 180 pounds), Great Danes are known for being quiet and gentle. They are perfect for offices with plenty of space, especially if your day is full of meetings and calls.

German Shepherd

Often associated with police work, German Shepherds are actually incredibly loyal and peaceful. They are easily trained and well-behaved, though they might need some time to warm up to strangers. They will be content chewing a toy in the corner.


Quiet and independent, Maltese dogs are ideal for busy offices. They are good-natured and upbeat, shedding surprisingly little despite their long hair. They’re small enough to sit comfortably in your lap.


Schnauzers are independent and a great choice for the office. They may become vocal when bored, so be sure to give them attention and enrichment toys to keep them busy. Mini Schnauzers, in particular, can make excellent office pals.


Friendly, loyal, and easily trainable, poodles are great office companions. Miniature poodles might have shorter tempers, but they bring a heart-warming energy. Their beautiful coat sheds less than expected.

Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniels are friendly and affectionate, but they need plenty of exercise. If you bring one to the office, ensure they get a few walks during the day and a long one before arriving.


Labs are smart, gentle, and good-natured, making them ideal office dogs. They do shed heavily, so be mindful of colleagues with allergies. Labs also have large appetites, so watch out for food on desks!


Beagles are charming and sociable. They love affection and need plenty of playtime. Bringing them to work is a good call if you can keep an eye on them. Food enrichment toys are great for keeping them entertained.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, outgoing, and well-mannered, making them popular office dogs. Their friendly demeanor will boost morale. They shed heavily in warm months, so brush them before work.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These regal, low-energy dogs are easy to train and love socializing. Bringing them to the office from a young age helps them adjust to the environment. They’re happy to snooze in your lap while you work.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies are playful, intelligent, and love human company. Their outgoing nature makes them great office dogs, though they need plenty of exercise. Beware of their distracting puppy dog eyes!


Pugs are low-energy and spend much of their day napping, needing only short bursts of exercise. An air-conditioned office can help with their tendency to overheat. They are affectionate and will easily befriend colleagues.

While these breeds are a good starting point, remember that every dog is unique. If your dog isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy office life. For all dogs, exercise and nutrition are key. Ensure they have sufficient walks and the right diet to maintain energy levels and reduce distracting behavior.

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