Discover the UK's Quirkiest Dog-Friendly Pubs

Discover the UK's Quirkiest Dog-Friendly Pubs

For dog owners, finding a pub that not only welcomes their furry friends but also treats them like valued patrons is essential. Eat Drink Meet, a new website that helps users discover pubs, bars, and restaurants using unique filtering options, has named the quirkiest dog-friendly pubs in the UK.

These nine pubs not only welcome dogs but also offer unique features and amenities that cater to canine companions.

9. The Old Bull & Bush, London

Located on the edge of Golders Hill Park, The Old Bull & Bush is a stylish dog-friendly venue perfect for pet owners. The park offers plenty of exploration opportunities, including the dog-friendly Golders Hill Park Zoo, home to exotic mammals, birds, and a butterfly house.

8. The Barnt Green Inn, Worcestershire

Situated near Lickey Hills, The Barnt Green Inn is surrounded by extensive country walks, allowing dogs to run and play. The pub’s wide-open beer garden is ideal for a post-walk refuel, and a nearby dog groomer is ready to pamper mucky pups.

7. The Three Crowns, Staffordshire

Famous for being extremely dog-friendly, The Three Crowns in Stone offers a wide selection of treats for pets, ensuring no more longing eyes as your own dishes are served.

6. The Traveller’s Rest, Caerphilly

Off the beaten path in Caerphilly, The Traveller’s Rest is a rustic country pub with a passion for welcoming four-legged friends. The pub features a muddy boots and paws station and roaring fires that serve as napping stations for pups during colder months.

5. The Priory, Portbury (Bristol)

The Priory in Portbury goes beyond the classic water bowl by offering a doggie pick n’ mix station, allowing owners to spoil their pooch with a selection of treats from the bar.

4. Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar, Edinburgh

Famous for the tale of Greyfriars Bobby, this dog-friendly pub in Edinburgh is said to be haunted by the spirit of the loyal Skye Terrier. Patrons have reported ghostly barks and mysterious sensations, making it a spooky yet welcoming spot for dogs.

3. The Roundhay Fox, Roundhay (Leeds)

The Roundhay Fox near Leeds is not only dog-friendly but also celebrates furry friends by naming a new 'dog of the week' every week. Recent showcases include a charming black Labrador and an Akita named Nelson.

2. The Honey Bee, Wilmslow

The Honey Bee in Wilmslow is ideal for pups after a long day at DogFest, held at Tatton Park. With a dedicated ‘hydration station,’ open spaces outside, and roaring fires inside, this pub is perfect for rejuvenating your festival-going pooch.

1. Philharmonic Dining Rooms, Liverpool

One of Liverpool’s most famous venues, the Philharmonic Dining Rooms, is pet-friendly. Dogs are allowed everywhere except the restaurant and grand lounge, allowing your pooch to enjoy a slice of luxury in the city center.

If your area isn’t listed, you can find dog-friendly venues near you via the Eat Drink Meet app or website, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Alessandra Pacelli

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