Daily Training

Daily Training

For 2020, I want to do some training with my dog every day. What are your top tips for regular training and where do I find ideas to keep me going?

Denise Price advises…

You will have a fabulous year with your dog and having a dedicated routine of spending time together is a superb way of cementing your bond. Like all goals, it’s best to make sure it is ‘smart’ (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based). However, as we’re talking about dog training, let’s adapt that to ‘bark’ (basic, achievable, realistic and kind).

Start with the foundations. Getting really strong, reliable basics in place is essential. You can build so much from a calm sit-stay, or a simple nose touch. So, get those basics really well established.

Set yourself targets that are attainable within a sensible time-frame. It’s great to push yourself to the limits of your comfort zone, but if you set yourself up to do something too far out, it will lead to frustration or abandoning the goal altogether.

Is this something that you and your dog are really able to do, physically and emotionally?

Always be kind in your training. To your dog and to yourself.

The other suggestion I have is to join a dog training club if that would work for your dog. Weekly catch-ups are a great way to keep you practising, and if the club has an awards scheme, that will help you set your goals and measure your achievement as you go

Sam Ryan

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