Creature Clothes Cat Nappa Cat Bed

Creature Clothes Cat Nappa Cat Bed

We’ve realised here at Purrfectly Yappy that we've done a bit of a disservice to our feline friends. Being more of a ‘dog person’ has resulted in an unintentional content bias towards our pet pooches. However, this is to continue no more...

This week we take a look at a stylish red cat bed that quickly lets you know whose space it is - the cat's!

‘MEOW’ shouts off the fabric in a style reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art era – although unlike Warhol (who yes admittedly was more of a dog lover) this cat bed is made specifically to ensure the ultimate comfort for your feline friends, only.

In terms of cat-cushion-chic, you won’t find anything quite like Creature Clothes's luxurious collection of Cat Nappas. Their covers are transferable as well as fully machine washable, as are the insides which are made up of two separate machine washable spiral fibre (polyester hollowfibre) duvets which can also be tumble dried. The quality is such that Creature Clothes's Cat Nappas are certain not to go bumpy or uneven when washed – a problem I seem to encounter week in week out with my bed pillow.

The covers open and close with a neatly placed zip and feature a fleecy underside to keep the warmth in and give them the bonus feature of being double sided.

The bed can be washed in one piece or simply chuck the cover or inners in as you see fit. These cat pillows are not only functionally versatile but add an element of furnished style to your living space.

Size Guide:

Small: 21 inches by 23 inches.

Medium: 26 inches by 34 inches.

Price: £46.96

About the brand:

Creature Clothes strive to create beautiful, ethical and environmentally aware products for you, your pets, your kids and your home.  They design everything in-house, test all of their products before sale, and manufacture everything in the UK, primarily in their Suffolk workshop. As items are handmade to order, delivery can take around two to three weeks. If you need an item by a specific date, please get in touch to check availability.

George Welsby

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