Battersea calls for pet-friendly accommodation

Battersea calls for pet-friendly accommodation

Due to the lack of pet-friendly policies set up by landlords, more and more dogs are finding themselves being given up by owners who simply are not allowed to have them in the house. With an increasing number of the younger generation renting, this is becoming a real problem.

The Westminster Government has unveiled plans to ban no-fault evictions for those renting from private landlords. However, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home would like to see further action taken – and the Government to now consider pet owners in any future rental reforms.

Proposed changes to the law will bar private landlords from evicting their tenants without a reason after their fixed-term tenancy period ends. While this will provide more stability for private tenants, Battersea is calling on the Government to go further by supporting pet-friendly policies in both the private sector and social housing.

According to research in Battersea’s 2018 Pet Friendly Properties report, 60 per cent of households in London will be in rented homes by 2025. Yet the National Landlords Association reports that 55 per cent of private landlords do not allow their tenants to keep pets, meaning “generation rent” are being denied the chance of owning a pet.

Worse yet, people may be forced to give up beloved pets if they need to move from a pet-friendly accommodation and are unable to find an affordable place to rent where their four-legged friend is also allowed.

Battersea’s Director of Communications & External Affairs Dee McIntosh said, “It’s encouraging to see the Government tackling no-fault evictions, but what about the tenants that can’t move into rented accommodation in the first place because they happen to be a pet owner?

“Millions of homeowners have the joy of owning a pet but there would be many more pets in properties if landlords allowed their tenants in both social and private accommodation to have them.

“Pet ownership is proven to be good for our physical and mental health and is estimated to save the NHS £2.45 billion a year. Yet a whole generation are now facing being denied the benefits of owning a dog or cat, because of the lack of pet friendly rental agreements.

“Battersea takes in too many lovely pets from great owners who desperately don’t want to give them up but their landlord won’t allow pets. So we’re working with Councils and Housing Associations in London to encourage more pet-friendly policies. We know this is a problem facing both social housing and private tenants – and we’re calling on the Government to support making pet-friendly rentals the norm.”

You can find out more about Battersea’s Pet Friendly Properties campaign here.

Louise Penfold

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