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WoolDog Handmade Classic Wool Jumper in Yellow


This dog jumper from WoolDog takes inspiration from traditional knitted jumpers, using a natural wool mix yarn which gives your pet the benefit of natural wool whilst being soft and cosy. Each jumper is handmade and hand finished to ensure a high quality at each step of the creation process.

These jumpers are ideal for chilly walks in the autumn, winter and spring to keep smaller dogs warm.

The jumper comes with a choice of grey or pink pom poms, depending on your preference.

Size Guide:

XX-Small: 22cm-26cm

X-Small: 26cm-30cm

Small: 30cm-36cm

Medium: 36cm - 42cm

Large: 42cm-48cm

X-Large: 48cm-56cm

About the brand:

WoolDog offers handmade products using only the best natural wool, which is known throughout the world for its excellent properties. Wool is warm, flexible, non-allergenic and incredibly soft.

WoolDog items are handmade and shipped from Poland, so delivery might take a little longer.

Care instructions: