SmartBones Beef Medium Bones


Product Description

SmartBones Beef Bones are irresistibly tasty chewy bones with a delicious beef flavour and no rawhide. The Medium size is perfectly tailored to medium-sized dog breeds. These tasty bones are fun to chew as your dog works through the outer layer of delicious vegetables - and the particularly irresistible beef flavour - to get to the chicken inside. These chewy bones are also vitamin and mineral enriched, extra low in fat and easy to digest. As your dog chews, the abrasive effect naturally cleans their teeth and helps keep them healthy. SmartBones Beef Bones Medium for medium-sized dogs are the perfect snack for in between meals. Dogs go crazy for the tasty recipe with its delicious beef flavour. Reward your dog with the SmartBones taste sensation.


derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and animal derivatives (amongst which chicken breast 6.8% and beef 1.8%), various sugars, vegetables (4.5% dried peas, carrots and sweet potatoes), minerals.

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