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Siccaro SupremePro Dog Drying Coat - Olive


SICCARO Supreme Pro WetDog robe is made from a dual layer combination of viscose and bamboo fabric that removes 80-90% of the water on a dog within 15 minutes. Bamboo fibre has antibacterial properties, meaning that the Supreme Pro tends to reduce 'wet dog' smell after use and it also protects your home and car from bad odour.

It is easy to put on with an adjustable strap that fastens around the belly using our signature ClickLock that can be used with one hand or with gloves on. 

The coat has optimum coverage of the chest, stomach, upper front legs and also fastens around the back legs using an elasticated strap. The neck is extra long to cover and dry the head and ears and features a zip opening, meaning that it can alternatively be folded back.

It is ideal after wet walks, bath time or swimming as it allows dogs to get warm and dry with minimal fuss. 

Siccaro WetDog is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. 

Washing Instructions: Wash at 30 degrees and tumble dry on low heat.


The size of the WetDog depends of the length measured from the root of the tail to the base of the neck when the head is raised. Is your dog right between 2 sizes? Get the larger one as it will shrink 3-5% when washed.


XS - 20-27cm

S - 27-37cm

M - 37-47cm

L - 47-57cm

XL - 57-65cm

2XL - 65-76cm

3XL - 76-85cm



At the core of our unique WetDog robe, is a specialised blend of two fabrics, which have been developed especially for their incredible absorbent properties. Many textiles were explored, yet none compared to the special viscose we discovered that can absorb up to 11 times it’s own weight in water! We also realised the incredible properties of organic bamboo fleece, which is incredibly robust and can withstand the rigorous movement of any dog. Bamboo also has natural cleaning and antibacterial properties which when fused with the viscose, assists the WetDog robe to avoid collecting bad odours. It took a long time to find the right combination and now we are proud to say that we have an extraordinary fabric.


When originally designing the Supreme Pro robe we required a clip system that would be light weight and easy to manoeuvre even for children, elderly or even with gloves on! After trialling a large number of many pre-made clips we consulted the founders father, a successful inventor within the pet industry. Peter Marschall had developed an incredibly easy to use, light weight system which in cold months was the perfect solution for the WetDog range. The lock is now patented and our animal products are the exclusive users of this special design. Customers with arthritis have been especially happy to report how easy it is for them to use on their dogs.


We have designed the WetDog to be as easy to care for, as it is to use. After multiple uses, or if your dog has covered the WetDog in dirt, simply put the WetDog robe into the washing machine at up to 30 Degrees Celsius and line dry or tumble dry at a low heat if preferred. It is also possible to hand wash or rinse the WetDog robe in warm water if required, ensure that you wring the garment out to eliminate excess water before hanging to dry or tumble drying.