Ruffwear Jet Stream Dog Cooling Jacket

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Ruffwear Jet Stream Dog Cooling Jacket

The Ruffwear Jet Stream Dog Cooling Vest efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through shading and evaporative cooling. In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade in the heat of the day. The light and sleek Jet Stream uses shade-providing spandex over the back, while Ruffwear’s three-layer evaporative cooling chest panel disperses heat from the dog’s core. To activate the Jet Stream, soak in water, wring out, zip on your dog, and go.

  • Lightweight spandex back panel provides shade
  • Three-layer construction chest panel cools the core:
  • Wicking outer layer facilitates evaporation
  • Absorbent middle layer holds water for evaporation
  • Comfortable inner layer transfers cooling effect to the dog
  • Vest cut for fast and light athletic endeavors
  • Zippered closure for high-performance fit
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Hot weather 
  • Cools with water


  • Cools with water
  • Soak in water, wring out, put on dog.
  • Lightweight spandex provides shade
  • Three layer chest panel facilitates evaporation and transfers cooling effect to the dog

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