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Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Dog Toy

£19.95 £17.95

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Dog Toy

Challenge and trigger the brain in fun and stimulating ways! Snoop® is translucent and squishy with a deep crevice that conceals the treasure.

Fill with treat, dogs will pounce, nudge, nose, and nibble to release the hidden reward!

For extra credit, insert any 2.5" Orbee-Tuff® ball (also stuffed with treats) for a double-puzzle! (Orbee-Tuff® ball not included)

This toy is intended for treat-dispensing, not chewing, so it is not rated on our Chew-o-meter scale.

Congratulations to the Snoop® for winning a Gold Medal in "Product Innovations" at the 2013 HH Backer Total Pet Expo!

Size Guide:

Planet Dog's 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you have selected the wrong size for your dog (ie. the toy can reach your dogs back teeth) then you are entitled to an exchange to find a size that is better suited so you dog can continue chewing! 

Planet Dog have developed the Chew-o-meter so you can easily pick the toys that will stand up to your buddy's drooly grip. From light chewers to the most aggressive, these toys will keep the whole pack wagging. That's Planet Dog's 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

        About the Brand:

        Known as the industry's leading socially responsible values-based design house, which brings together people and dogs for fun and mutual support. Planet Dog are driven to conceptualise, innovate and develop premium products whilst being fully dedicated to satisfying both owners and their best friends' needs.  

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