Petz-Aboard Transparent Pet Holder/Carrier Yellow


Introducing the Petz-Aboard Transparent Pet Holder/Carrier Yellow

The Petz-Aboard Transparent Pet Holder/Carrier from PJ Pet Products is just perfect to take your cat or dog for short trips out, walks or longer journeys.  Featuring transparent windows made from durable PVC, this allows open vision for your pet so they are fully aware of their surrounding environment.  The floor is made from PU Leather which is waterproof, wipe clean, non-slip, and wear resistant and at each end, there are breathable mesh panes allowing air to move freely through the carrier.  Portable and lightweight, it can be carried by hand using the integral handle or has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.  The Petz-Aboard Pet Holder/Carrier only has one zip throughout which just needs to be pulled through to bring the collapsed pet holder into one full piece.  Easy!  Once you are finished with the carrier it can then be unzippeds and stored completely flat minimising your storage space. Available in Red, Yellow or Green. Carry weight up to 8kgs.

Folded size: (L) 42cm (16.5”) x (W) 26cm (10.2”) x (H) 7cm (2.8”)
After installation: (L) 42cm (16.5”) x (W) 26cm (10.2”) x (H) 35cm (13.8”)

Please note:

In order to prevent the product from being scratched before it reaches you, there is a protective layer of film on the outside of the PVC viewing panels.  Please remove before use.  Also, please ventilate the product for at least two days before use.