Petstages ORKA Jack


The ORKA Jack Dog toy is just perfect for your power chewer and puppies that are teething. Made from durable, non toxic materials the ORKA Jack Dog toy is not only a chew / play toy but also a treat dispenser.

Stuff with treats: the ORKA Jack treat stuffing Dog toy has multiple treat pockets to fill with tasty snacks to sniff and retrieve out

Seek & Chew: the various textures on the ORKA Jack Dog toy include ridges, nubs and elevated shapes to stimulate your dog's senses and help to maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums via the chewing action - perfect for serial chewers

Play: The ORKA Jack Dog toy shape produces an erratic and unpredictable bounce when thrown and played with making playtime just that much more fun than normal. Plus it also floats in water - bonus!

8.5" L x 7.5" W x 9.5" H

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