Hello I'm Gismo is literally everthing to hand in one hand for the ultimate dog walking experience! This Gismo Handle is lightweight (6.4oz) and soft to the touch with it's silicone gripping centre.  Brought to you in the confident colour of Midnight Blue, the handle also incorporates the connectable Poo Bag Dispenser with side clip to hang used bags, to the bottom which can hold up to 100 waste bags and the Single Lead, pivoting and sliding carabiner attachment which can hold a dog up to 85lbs.  This can be replaced with the Dual Leash Carabiner for walking two dogs.  The I'm Gismo handle also incorporates the multi function button which can be paired with many of the connectables. 

Supreme Comfort - the soft silicone grip comfortably fits all hand sizes.  It is lightweight and easy to carry.  The soft grip eliminates hand soreness and chafing commonly experienced when holding leashes. 

Leash Carabiner - specifcially designed carabiner can hold any dog weighing up to 85lbs. The single      carabiner can be replaced by the dual carabiner to freely walk two dogs using one hand.  A lead of 4ft and under is recommended to be used in conjunction with this connectable.

Freedom - The sliding and pivoting carabiner absorbs the dog's abrupt movements, offering an amazing sense of freedom for both dog and walker.  Pulling and tugging become more manageable with the patented rail sliding system.

Multi-Function Button - can be used for many things. Just pair the button with one of the I'm Gismo's many connectables, and it will change it's function.

Poo Bag Dispenser - (included with the handle) can easily hold one standard poo bag roll.  Dispensing each bag is easy with the exceptional pull and tear design.