Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO Hedge

$93.00 $82.00

The waterproof Rain Blocker ECO with front legs is made from 100% recycled polyester. The Rain Blocker ECO combines the protectiveness of an overall and the ease of use of a coat. The model with front legs minimises the amount of dirt on the front parts of the dog while still being easy to put on. The coat has a high collar and rain trap in the collar, made from comfortable waterproof fabric that prevents water from going inside the coat along the dogÔÇÖs neck. With the back length adjustment, and the neck and waist tightening mechanisms, the coat can be adjusted to fit your dog comfortably. The hem of the coat has been designed to follow the movements of the hind end of your dog and to protect the dogÔÇÖs thighs from rain. Soft elastic bands for hind legs ensure that the coat stays in place even with wilder activities. The product is made of durable, flexible and comfortable outdoor fabric that does not rustle when the dog moves. All seams of the coat have been taped. Ample reflectors in the collar and rear hem improve visibility in the dark.