Hurtta Monsoon Coat

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*See important sizing note at the bottom of this description*

The Monsoon raincoat is an essential outfit for every dog in rainy, windy or muddy weather.

The entirely new technical structure of the collar means that the seams can be taped even more comprehensively than before. In contrast to previous models, Monsoon’s collar seams are vertical, allowing the collar to be taped so that it is fully waterproof. In addition, there is a rain collar made of waterproof tricot around the edge of the collar, preventing water from going inside the coat along the dog’s neck. The comfortably soft collar can be tightened up around the dog’s neck to protect the chest and neck area.

The large, attractive reflective prints on the coat’s rear hem and the 3M reflector piping on the back improve safety and visibility in the dark. The excellent sizing of the Monsoon coat guarantees a good fit for most breeds. The wide belly flap keeps the coat in place, ensuring that it stays on without restricting the dog’s movement, even during boisterous play. The flap covers the dog’s belly and efficiently protects it from mud and sand. Monsoon is made of an elastic and silent fabric, so it is comfortable to use and quick to put on.

  • Weatherproof and breathable Houndtex® laminated shell fabric
  • The seams are taped shut, making the coat waterproof
  • Highly visible 3M® reflectors
  • Adjustable collar, waist and back length

Important Sizing Note

The Hurtta sizing charts are 100% factually correct in terms of the dimensions of the coat in question (we know, we've measured them!). Of the three dimensions it is the back length and chest that are most important when deciding on a size for your dog. The neck sizing really just validates the aperture of the neck to ensure a head will fit through the garment and this sizing (to accommodate round faced dogs) is usually much bigger than is needed for most.

Because of the large neck the garment sometimes, especially if they are a smaller build,  sits further back on the dog meaning a size down may prove to be a better fit.

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