Hurtta Cooling Wrap Aquamarine


Keep cool this spring/summer with the all new Cooling Wrap by Hurtta. Simply soak the vest in cold water when at the beach or a nearby lake, squeeze the excess water out and pop onto your dog for an ultimate cooling experience - perfect for warm walks and water adventures! Designed to cover areas of your dog’s body that need it the most, the chest and its large muscles and blood vessels, and the lungs too. The cooling sensation starts to take effect as the water evaporates, it then spreads throughout their body via your dog’s natural circulation which means you don’t need to worry about covering the rest of their body. 

This design is fully adjustable across the chest, with a soft adjustable strap and lightweight buckle attachment. Keeping your dog cooler for longer, the inner layer is made from high performance microfiber which has the ability to absorb three times its weight in moisture and is still comfortable for your dog even when wet. The three dimensional textured fabric on the outer layer cleverly directs airflow throughout the vest to encourage evaporation for a quick relief from warm weather temperatures. Made from certified non toxic fabric and featuring bright 3m reflectors, your dog will be safe and seen even in low light conditions and darker evenings. 


  • Cools your dog through water evaporation even in the warmest temperatures
  • Cooling Microfibre layer
  • 3D Mesh Knit fabric enhances evaporation
  • Technical moisture wicking lining
  • Fully adjustable around the chest
  • Soft adjustable elastic strap
  • Lightweight buckle attachment
  • Bright 3m reflectors
  • Certified safe non toxic fabric