H2O4K9 Neosling Water Bottle Holder


The Neosling is a stylish, comfortable and convenient way to carry fresh water for your dog wherever you go.  

PLEASE NOTE: These only fit the 25oz & 9.5oz bottle and not the K9 Unit water Bottle

Made from Neoprene, it is designed to fit all our H2O4K9 water bottles and has a wide, soft adjustable strap allowing the carrier to sit comfortably over the shoulder without digging in or chafing and at a length at your side which is convenient and comfortable too. The Neoprene material incorporated within the Neosling insulates the bottle in all seasons from heat or cold, keeping the water at a temperature you expect it to be for up to four hours.

Perfect for: walks and hikes, days at the beach, fairs & festivals, day hikes, trade shows, vacations, etc.

Accessible - The NEOSLING can also be strapped to strollers and wheelchairs for easy reach.

Insulating - The neoprene material, (think 'wet suit'), in the NEOSLING insulates bottles in all seasons from heat or cold, keeping your beverage warmer or colder for up to four hours.

Durable  - The thick neoprene material also protects reusable bottles from scratching and denting if dropped.

Comfortable - The wide, soft neoprene strap rests softly on the shoulder offering hours of comfortable wearing without digging in or chafing.

Adjustable  - The strap adjusts, to position the NEOSLING just as you like It. Shorten the strap and the bottle sits higher up against the body. Lengthen the strap and let the bottle hang along your hip area. Hang the strap from one shoulder, from across the body.

Stylish - Wide assortment of bold colors to compliment your lifestyle.

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