Gor Pets Hide Out Scratcher

Color: Brown

The Gor Pets Hide Out Scratcher offers all the fun options of a cat climber, whilst remaining quite compact. Inside the cylindrical design there is a platform for your cat to jump onto - and a circular window with hanging toy. With this Hide Out Scratcher your cat can hide away while still being able to take a peek at what's going on around them!

Complete with a scratching post and a top platform to perch on, this design is versatile, compact and practical.

A range of stylish high quality cat scratching posts and activity play centres. Designed to encourage natural feline behaviour such as clawing, climbing, hiding and stretching. Whether it's for exercise, rest or play your cat will love you for it.



About the Brand:

Gor Pets aim to achieve their vision through research and development and to continually design and source new products that will add benefit to pets and their owners.