This toy will easily become a firm favourite of any puppy or dog due to its extremely clever design and high durability. 

As not only does it have rubber balls located in each leg for your dog to chew into, but it also is super soft and easy to cuddle up to. Each size of octopus contains two different sounding squeakers, one in the head and the other and the end of each leg. Finally for dogs that like crackly noises in their toys, each leg crackles at a nice pitch that will not pierce your ears like some other toys. 

However, despite having all of this it doesn't feel cramped and instead has ample space between each noise making section, meaning your dog can cuddle up to the toy without being shocked by a surprise noise coming out!

Size Guide:

XS (Baby)- 25cm

Small (Mommy) - 38cm

Medium (Daddy) - 63cm

Large (Big Daddy) - 70cm

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