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Flashy Fido Dog Safety Collar


Flashy FidoTM is THE latest innovation in Light Safety Collars for dog's. 

Due to the unique use of Internal Light Refraction science, Flashy FidoTM Light Collars benefit from complete and constant light illumination around the entire collar. The use of Light Refraction eliminates the need for multiple LED's. This same scientific principle allows Flashy FidoTM to be designed in a slim and attractive style.

Flashy FidoTM also comes with a range of light functionality allowing you to switch from constant light to flashing and fading at the push of a button. This is a great way to enhance the visibility of your dog in a combination of low visibility weather conditions, night walking or simply wanting to make your faithful friend 'flashy!'

  • Visable up to 500 metres

  • Batteries included. Approx. 100 hours flashing light modes & approx. 50 hours continuous light mode

  • Splash proof and dirt resistant

  • This collar fits all dogs sizes. Simply measure your dog's neck size and cut Flashy Fido to fit. Ensure that the collar is loose and does not restrict breathing.

  • Easy to put on - open at one side or slip over the dog's head (Important: Don't cut off too much!)

  • Spare batteries are available in a set with LEDS.