Country Deep Filled Waterproof Mattress in Red


Heavy Duty Deep Filled Waterproof Mattresses from P&L Pet Beds. A versatile & practical dog bed for Country Dogs who get dirty on a regular basis!

This bed is covered in a heavy duty hard-wearing 100% polyester waterproof material, which has been treated with a water repellant coating which is easy to keep clean. Simply brush off loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth and then rinse under a running tap / hose or even a low setting on a pressure washer.

The extra thick inner cushion is filled with a soft foam crumb to give warmth, insulation & comfort.

Available in two sizes: (All measurements given are subject to slight variations due to manufacturing process)

Size Small:

L 95 cm X W 69 cm X D 13 cm

Size Large:

L 114 cm X W 83 cm X D 13cm

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