Chuckit! Zipflight Medium 21cm


In water, on land, or in the sky, this rugged Chuckit!® ZipFlight® fetch toy is designed for exceptional performance and visibility. It's durable, pliable, and it floats! The lightweight design is perfect for an easy catch that is easy on a dog's mouth. The Ziplight floats through the air for a fast flight, whilst also being unsinkable and it floats high on the water. 

The soft rugged construction is easy to clean and the colour gives increased visibility, helping to prevent the toy from getting lost. The aerodynamic shape is perfect for long-distance games of fetch. Ships in assorted colours.

TAKE FETCH TO NEW HEIGHTS: The Chuckit! Ziplfight’s aerodynamic, lightweight design soars high and fast for high-flying games of fetch

BUOYANT IN WATER: The soft dog frisbee's buoyant design allows for worry-free play from the park to the pool

HIGH-VISIBILITY COLORS: The Zipflight ships in assorted bright colours, allowing pets and pet parents to easily spot the dog disc in tall grass or on water

DURABLE AND RESILIENT: With a multi-layer, dense polyester canvas, the dog frisbee is durable for long-lasting playtime 

GENTLE ON DOGS' MOUTH: Featuring a lightweight design, the soft frisbee for dogs has smooth, rubber-reinforced edges that are gentle on dogs' teeth and gums

EASY TO CLEAN: Made of polyester canvas and rubber, the Ziplflight frisbee's materials are easy to wash clean