Catroom Neo 1 Cat Scratcher & Bed

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The Catroom Neo 2-in-1 cat scratcher and cat bed is the first of its kind that features an SCC system (springy corrugated cardboard). For the first time, corrugated cardboard is elasticated and made to be springy and moves freely depending on the way your cat uses it.

The Catroom Neo has a revolutionary design which sets it apart from any other cat scratcher or bed due to its springy form. The flexible cardboard adapts better to the shape of your cat's body which gives your cat a very comfortable place to rest and well as making an excellent cat scratcher.

Thanks to its simple shape and ecological materials these cat scratchers will look great in almost any home interior! Made from corrugated cardboard (every cat's favourite material!)


73cm L x 37cm W x 4cm H