Bowl & Bone Republic Deco Dog Bed Cushion in Amber


Bowl & Bone Republic Deco Dog Bed Cushion in Amber

Unique shape, careful finish, and the stylish texture of the fabric will take you to a new dimension of dog beds. Now your pup will be able to relax like never before! After all, every dog owner’s priority is the uninterrupted sleep of their pet.

It is the dog’s own comfort zone – a place where he feels safe – that can guarantee him a peaceful sleep. Beds from the DECO line boast the highest quality materials and finish that will be greatly appreciated by your dog.

The corduroy cover from the DECO line features a zipper which makes it easy to remove the filling any time you want. The cushion case can be hand-washed or machine-washed at 30°C with other fabrics of the same colour. To maintain the highest quality of the cover do not use with chlorine or bleach. Do not dry clean. Remember to hang the cover after washing to let it dry completely.


Small – 70cm x 50cm x 10cm

Medium – 80cm x 60cm x 10cm

Large – 95cm x 70cm x 10cm 

About the Brand:

Bowl & Bone Republic is a Polish based brand that was created out of true love and passion for pups. They put their hearts into everything they do, tending to every detail with remorseless precision. They create products that are elegant and stylish and constantly strive to create solutions to make your pets’ lives easier.

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