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Bionic Toss N Tug Flinger Dog Toy


The Bionic Toss N Tug Finger is made from a propriety Bionic Rubber material which is 100% recyclable, FDA approved and dishwasher safe.  The Bionic Toss N Tug Flinger is a great 2 in 1 dog toy. It flies great distances when you throw it like a Frisbee and your dog will love to chase it time and time again. Then just quickly flip it inside out with a quick flip of the hands and it becomes a sturdy tug toy.  

The fantastic Toss N Tug Flinger makes play time so much fun for both you and your dog and being bright orange it is so easy to be seen at a distance.  It floats in water as well! The Bionic Toss N Tug Flinger gives hours of play!

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