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Salt Dog Studios Hygge Christmas Red Bandana


Salt Dog Studios Hygge Christmas Red Bandana

Slip on bandana that goes over the collar.  Easily removed for washing or swapping onto a different collar! Machine washable, at 30 degrees.

Simply slip collar through. 

Size XS- suitable for teeny weeny range collars

Size S- suitable for 3/4" width collars

Size M- suitable for 1" width medium sized collars

Size L- suitable for 1" width large sized collars

Size XL- suitable for 1" width extra large collars (big breeds)

Bandana Size Guide
Size Suitable For Collar Size Suitable for
Extra Small Teeny Weeny, Extra Small Toy Breeds, Tiny Puppies etc
Small Mini, Small 3/4" Chunkier Puppies, Dachshunds, Bichon Frise etc
Medium Small 1", Medium Cocker Spaniels, Westies, Springer Spaniels etc
Large Medium, Large Labradors, German Shepherd, Staffies etc
Extra Large Large, Extra Large Giant Breeds, Great Dane, Newfoundland etc

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