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K9 Pursuits B-Seen LED Light Collar


K9 Pursuits 'Get Active' K9 B-Seen rechargeable LED light collar comes in three bright colours, Red, Blue and Green each with three light settings.  The collar/tube is lightweight and is supplied in one size (approx. 66cm) which is then cut with a sharp pair of scissors to fit to your dog's neck. Quick and simple. Please ensure that the fit is not too tight and is comfortable for your dog. 


The tube pushes into an easy fit connector each end which houses the LED lights, charging facility and settings button. It will pull out of either end in an emergency.


The K9 B-Seen features two very bright LED lights which result in a bright even glow throughout the collar and all around the dog's neck.  There is an easy push activation button which allows movement between the different settings.  1 = Fast Flash, 2 = Slow Flash, 3 = Steady Glow and 4 = Off.  The K9 B-Seen is recharged using a USB cable to your chosen source of power. Once fully charged each light function will last up to 7-8 hours. 

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