The idea of FourFriends is to make a food that makes your cat and dog healthy, strong and radiant - from the inside out because FourFriends know that stomach and health go hand in hand. They only use high-quality raw materials and there is no ingredient unnecessarily in their recipes, such as fillings. Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals and they have taken that into account and have a lot of meat in their recipes.

FourFriends add Aloe Vera, a well-known botanical plant that heals and purifies. There are several different kinds of Aloe, but they use Aloe barbadensis miller which is the most powerful. It is grown in the US and freeze-dried before being sent to them. Freeze drying helps to preserve all nutrients so that it does not lose its effect. Aloe Vera has several health-promoting properties, but in the cat food, its main task is to help and maintain the urinary tract and keep the bladder in top shape. In the dog food, it is available for better gastrointestinal health. All the different varieties on FourFriend's dry food contain Aloe Vera

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