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Redhound For Dogs Fleece Dog Jumper


Your whippet will be happy and warm when wearing their Fleece Jumper. It keeps them dry on a drizzly walk and protects their tummy from some splash back when it is muddy.

Designed to fit the shape of their bodies the Fleece Jumper is available in 6 sizes, 4 of which have the additional option of a longer back length. The under panel has an elasticated facing so it can be stretched over their deep chests but then fit snugly into their slim tummies thus avoiding any nasty chills getting in!

The long polo neck, when folded back is super thick to keep long slender necks cosy. When unfolded there is plenty to pull over cold ears!

Our length measurement is from neck to end of fleece. Please note that our Fleece Jumpers are not designed to come all the way down to the top of the tail, but to fall short around 10cms (4″) of it.

Size Guide:
  • Italian Greyhound Length  33cm (13″)  Neck  29 cm (11-12″”)  Chest  51-56cm (20-22″)
  • Small Length 36cm (14″)  Neck  30-33cm (12-13″)  Chest  56-61cm (22″-24″)
  • Small/Medium Length 42cm (16½”) Neck 36-38cm (14-15″) Chest 64-66cm (25″-26″)
  • Medium Length  42cm  (16½”) Neck  36-38cm (14-15″)  Chest  66-7cm  (26″-28″)
  • Large Length 47cms (18½”)  Neck 41-43cm  (16-17″) Chest 71-76cm (28″-30″)
  • Extra Large Length 53cms (21″)  Neck 45cm  (18″) Chest 76-81cm (30-32″)


Washable on a Wool Cycle at 30 degrees.

Please note that the fleece colour can vary slightly from that in the images

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