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Cheshire & Wain 'Beluga' Luxury Leather Cat Collar

Cheshire & Wain 'Beluga' Luxury Leather Cat Collar

Cheshire & Wain was founded in 2013 having noticed a gap in the market for beautifully created yet safe collars for felines. Since then they've created a niche collection of luxury leather cat collars and cat accessories; although what stands out from the rest are these popular leather breakaway collars. These are what Cheshire & Wain refer to as, ‘the height of kitty couture’ – and they certainly are!

Made from comfortable yet stylish caviar-grain leather and finished in a bright blue suede lining, this really is an attractive collar for your cat, the overall design finished with matching black stitching and brass features. The collar also comes complete with its very own bell which co-ordinates with the brass buckle. Your cat’s safety is of optimum importance to Cheshire & Wain, so with that in mind they have altered the very well designed and traditional buckles to feature a discreet black safety buckle, ensuring your cat can break free if they get caught on the many obstacles they'll encounter on their night time explorations!

The Cheshire & Wain 'Beluga' Luxury Leather Cat Collar also comes packaged in a novelty caviar tin – the perfect present for someone who not only loves cats, but also appreciates the more luxurious things in life; it’s also a great place to store your catnip!

Size Information:

Cheshire & Wain cat collars come in two sizes:

Standard: (approx. 19-25cm / 7.5-10 inches inside circumference) which will fit most casts.

Petite: (approx. 17-22cm / 6.6-8.6 inches) for small breeds (such as Burmese, Siamese, Abyssinian, Cornish & Devon Rex, Singapura etc.) and young or fully grown cats with slim necks.

*If your cat’s neck is under 21cms / 8 inches’ circumference and fully grown Cheshire & Wain advise you to select the Petite size.

How to Measure:

Wrap a tape measure around your cat’s neck allowing room to fit 1-2 fingers between the tape measure and the neck.

Note down the measurement which will be your cat’s neck circumference. (If you don’t have a tape measure – use a piece of string and a ruler)

If your cat already wears a collar that fits well, you can use the measurement of the inside circumference of their existing collar – just use the size your cat wears when it’s done up and measure this.

It’s important the collar is snug, but not too tight. Make sure you can comfortably fit 1-2 fingers between your cat’s neck and the collar, but that there’s not so much of a gap that your cat could slip their paw underneath and take the collar off.

It is not recommended for kittens to wear collars. Cats weighing less than 2.5kgs will not be heavy enough for the collar to break open under their weight if they become caught.

Price: £58.99

About the brand:

Welcome to Cheshire & Wain, a luxury pet brand founded in 2013 exclusively for cats. If you've been trawling the internet looking for a high-quality cat collar that is safe you've come to the right website. We stock an extensive range of luxury collars complete with 'breakaway' buckles for your cat's safety and your peace of mind. In addition to collars we also sell organic catnip toys, ID tags (with engraving) and gifts for cat lovers.
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