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C.A.T.S in Clapham - What's it All About?

C.A.T.S in Clapham - What's it All About?

You might have heard the rumours about a London underground station being overtaken by photos of cats, and you might have gone through the same thought process I did:

- This is brilliant - who doesn't love cats?!

- Who paid for all that ad space?

- WHY did they pay for all that ad space?

- What about the cats? Who are the cats?!

Well readers, there are answers to all my questions, (apart from the rhetorical first question. If you don't love cats, you haven't met the right cat yet)

Who paid for all the ad space?

Well, quite a few people paid for it. Six hundred and eighty three people donated just over £23,000.00 on a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. The idea to take over the underground with cat pictures is the first project of a group called Glimpse - self-described as a group of creative people using their skills for good. The project was named C.A.T.S - The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service.

Why did they pay for all the ad space?

C.A.T.S replaced 68 adverts in Clapham Common with pictures of cats. Not for any particular reason - not for a PR stunt, just so people can be surrounded by something a little less commercial. Glimpse picked photos of cats because (as we all know) the internet loves cats. Simple logic when you think about it.

What about the cats?

One of the nicest things about this story is that many of the cats featured were cats in need of homes. So not only did these cute kitties make commuters happier, they also raised awareness for adopting cats in need of a home. C.A.T.S featured felines from Cats Protection and Battersea Cats and Dogs home - you can read more about it here

Not seen it yet? Check out the Kickstarter page here

Here's a few images from their project!





Jessica Barratt

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